Daliah Scholl


Daliah Scholl was born in Bombay and started her musical career at the Conservatory of the City of Esch/Alzette and afterwards at the Conservatory of Luxembourg City, where she obtained a superior price with distinction on the transverse flute in the class of Carlo Jans. After her studies at grammar school (from 1985-1992 in the section of plastic arts at the “Lycée de garcons” in Esch/Alzette), she attended the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, where she landed a First Price with distinction in 1997 in the class of Baudouin Giaux. In 1997 she received a First Price in the Chamber Music class of M. Siwy. In 2000 Daliah Scholl obtained another diploma (a Superior Price for her performance on the transverse flute) at the Conservatory of Liège, where she attended the class of Baudouin Giaux and cooperated in particular with Vincent Cortvrint, Jean Ferrandis and Denis-Pierre Gustin.

Besides her studies at the Conservatory, she tasked to bring her musical skills to perfection by working together with Janòs Balint in Budapest (1995-96), Irena Grafenauer in Munich (1996-97) and with Vincent Cortvrint in Amsterdam (1998-2000). In addition to this Daliah Scholl attended lots of masterclasses in particular with Patrice Kirchhoff, Michel Lefèbvre, Konrad Hünteler, Marc Grauwels, Jean-Claude Gérard, Maxence Larrieu and Fabrice Pierre.

Daliah Scholl continued her diverse musical career while focusing on the repertoire of Chamber Music producing herself regularly as “DUO CHIAROSCURO” (flute and harp), performing at different venues such as the Festival of Bourglinster, the Theater of Esch-sur-Alzette, the Inouï Café in Redange and giving concerts in Italy, France and Ireland. Besides her numerous concerts and recitals in different formations, Daliah Scholl released her first CD “DUO CHIAROSCURO” in 2002. Since 1996 Daliah Scholl has been teaching transverse flute in her own class at the Regional Music School in the City of Dudelange.



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