Olga Reiff


As a child, Olga Reiff loved to read books as many other kids do. But she also loved drawing and painting and had her first exhibition at the age of sixteen. Olga’s plan was to study fine arts. However, then she decided to study French and Russian, moved to Luxembourg and worked as a freelance translator for 15 years. But in all these years, she kept in touch with the world of children’s books and book illustration through her own children. Then Olga felt that she had to open her heart to art again. Since that time, Olga Reiff has been taking many classes in drawing, painting, CA illustration, and children’s book illustration. Beneath the illustration and writing jobs that she does for her clients, Olga is working on a picture book for the Luxembourgish publisher Editions Guy Binsfeld. The book is about a very special kindergarten, and is written in Lëtzebuergesch, one of the three national languages in Luxembourg. The book launch is scheduled for spring 2018. Since 2013, Olga Reiff’s illustrations and her fine art paintings – portraits and nudes – have been shown in Luxembourg and other European countries.


Artist statement: As a freelance author and illustrator – SCBWI member since 2014 – I mostly work for clients in Luxembourg but also in Austria. My illustrations are figurative with a touch of nostalgia, showing characters from toddler to school age, nature and animals on a background of everyday life. Usually, I work on paper, doing an ink and pen drawing, and finishing it with light layers of watercolour. I just love the craft of it, choosing the nib and the ink, and mixing my own colours from a very restrained palette. And I love to include tiny details into my drawings, creating a world filled with surprises for those who take a closer look.



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